Coby Kyros 7012


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Mar 24, 2015
I have a tablet coby kyros with the touch screen broken - it's not working anymore.
In the attempt to solve the problem- i thought it was a SW problem-, I performed a factory reset, but this was a very big mistake since now I'm stacking on the calibration procedure and cannot go through since the touchscreen is not responding. I tried to connect the mouse but cannot skip the calibration phase even if the mouse seems to work since I can see the pointer moving on the screen. I tried with the keyboard but also in this case no success. I've also tried to connect the tablet on the PC but the it's not recognized - I tried on a Win7 PC, I'm planning to try with a Linux one.

I didn't do any 'special' on the Tablet- no rooting, not flashing new ROMs. I just used it to listen streaming radio.

The tablet is identified as Model 56021 and searching a bit on the web I can say that should be the MID7012.

Any suggestion to skip the calibration? Any key combination?



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Dec 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum Cristian

I'm afraid that without a working screen you're pretty much toast. There is no way to get beyond the point you are at or access the tablet that I am aware of at this point.