Coby Mid7016 Help!


Aug 26, 2012
hello, I have a Coby Model MID7016 that seems to be bricked i think. When I turn it on it goes straight into fastboot mode. I can go into FWND mode but apart from that I can't do a factory reset or anything. I installed FWND V7 v2.09 and have a copy of the boot of the original mid7016. The problem is that when i load up FWND the Device Probing screen comes up with the Device Init-Start! but then it just hangs there and doesn't do anything.

Also i don't know if its becuase of this but after hanging up for a long time waiting for the table to be recognize bthe tablet has a blue screen come up.

Any info as to what to do, whats wrong with it, and if its possible to fix it will be really helpful