Comparison sheet of different chips/SoCs and performance?


Aug 21, 2011

I am currently trying to decide on a (probably chinese tablet), and thus it would be really helpfull to have some benchmarks/test results of the different cipsets/SoCs out there, seeing as most of them use the same base, such as AML8726-M, Telechips TCC8803, the Rockchips etc. and even better, if they were also compared to Tegra2, iPad2 and so on.

I am thinking of ploygon count and framerate in the graphics department, something more useful than bogomips for CPU etc.

I am pondering abut getting a 8" with 1024x600, but as I would buy it mostly for fun, I won't spend more than USD300, and I would want good gaming power and video playback.

Also, comparison charts between different specific tablets would be very welcome. It's just so hard to figure out which tablets really have two or more separate touchpoints, support HSDPA and not just WCDMA through external modem, and who really HAS an internal modem, etc, etc.