Contacts crash (Force Close) after update of 3.1


Jul 2, 2011
I had this issue when my Acer A500 updated from 3.0.1 to 3.1 - Initially when the update occurred "succesfully"; i couldn't even open contacts - they only on the table ICONIA Account - local account......then i called the ever so helpful tech support - went to level 2 and they said i had 1 of 2 choices - factory reset or send it to TX for a reflash.......I decided on the former. So then the contacts opend but when scrolling past 1/2 way point- FORCE CLOSED again (the contact data was from a windows vcf file - but I found out later it didn't matter).

I went through 4 factory resets - each time when syncing the contacts it would Force Close. Then i decided to try to let Google sync them for me. This didn't work until i deleted the local account from the Accounts Page in settings then let Google sync from the web. then no issues at all.

It would seem that the ICONIA account got corrupted during the update. I haven't checked to see if deleting the account (it does come back after a reboot) works so that contacts could be added but right now Acer doesn't want to admit there is an issue with their APK file that drives this program so i am just going to use Google - afterall if it works why change it.

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Apr 28, 2011
So your fix was to simply Disable the Acer option in the Accounts and Sync settings?

I agree, going the google route is the best bet.

I've been running with that Acer option turned off since day one. I'm not even sure where that Acer account syncs to, or where the actually store stuff. Do they have a privacy policy that is as strong as Google's?

The beauty of an android device is that all your contacts are synced thru your google account. If you have a tablet and a smart phone this becomes invaluable, because otherwise you have no idea where your contact was stored. Plus you can just sign into Gmail and manage your contacts on line at your computer and that fixes them on your phone and your tablet.

Having lost a phone (splash!) in the past, the last place I want my contacts stored is locally, and the same goes for my tablet.

So I'm with you, just go Google.