Copying files


Feb 13, 2011
I just bought my Gentouch78. I can't figure out how to load my pictures and videos on this thing. The instructions are not good. Can someone tell me how to copy files from my computer? Are there some better instructions how to operate this thing on line somewhere?


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Nov 26, 2010
Use the USB-mini cable to connect the tablet to your computer. Once this is done, your tablet will ask you to mount your internal card. If your external card (if applicable) does not get detected remove, then re-insert the card. Then your tablet will ask you to mount.

Once you do this your computer will recognize the cards, and assign them drives (i.e E:\, D:\ etc..). From here simply copying over any file you wish to your external card. When done, unplug USB mini.

Get back with me if this doesn't work for you.