Copying Windows MP3, Videos and JPGs to Tablet


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Aug 8, 2015
My refurbished Asus Google Nexus 7 arrived on Wednesday, it is a good job I bought the book Android Tablet For Seniors beforehand to study. A few problems some might be interested. The Camera APP was not included, but I soon found what is stated to be the original one from the Play Store Apps. Likewise though the movie viewer installed maybe OK for any videos I make with the Camera, it fails to run such as WMW or MP4 files. So I again found a nice player that appears to play all formats.

Once I installed a File manager, I had no trouble linking it with the PC using Win 7 using the USB lead supplied. I did have to use a PC Transfer option in the File manager, and of course Windows Explorer to open up the Tablet showing on the Windows Screen. It seems the file manger creates new folders for such as Photos, Videos, and MP3s in addition to some others already available. So it is a simple matter of copying files into the new Photo, Video, and Audio folders. Then I just open up the file manger to activate any of the files, without bothering to open the relevant app.