Counsel Digitizer For Graphic Designer


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Apr 19, 2018
Hello everyone,

I need a council.

I often find myself to tackle drawings very long and complex type redraw the facades of buildings or the like.. via autocad and 3d software.

Having to spend a lot of time to click with the mouse, I was almost willing to purchase a graphics tablet XP-Pen Artist22E ( XP-Pen Digitizer IPS Monitor HD Artist22E with 16 keys, 2 Rechargeable Pens Levilli 2048:Amazon Electronic:)in order to be able to carry out movements natural multiple ( hoping to stancarmi less and accelerate some passages )..

According to you, the digitizer è good only for graphic drawings with software such as Illustrator or Photoshop can be an advantage also usingthe with autocad, cinema 4d... and various?
Now we come to the point, are about to buy a XP-Pen Artist22AND TABLET , I am looking around and I have yet to understand on which brand guide me ... and on which dimension...
said this, I wanted to understand what is the substantial difference ,when you draw on these machines, between a Pen Tablet Monitor with HD definition and one with that standard !!! E.g. the eye with HD remains more rested ?
In short, everything that you can tell me and all the tips you can give me will be well accept...
The utilizo will be that of illustrations, graphics and animations...
thank you and greeting .
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