Cruz T301 Help


May 25, 2011
Considering getting the Cruz T301and was wondering a few things. With the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the T301, can this tablet run flash for movies like on Netflix, You Tube, etc? Will it play Angry Birds? Is it worth getting in the first place?


Apr 21, 2011
I have one, and am not thrilled with it. I can read books with the Kindle app, but it won't install fbreader, which can read a wider range of file types. Google Sky Map installs but does not run well.

It has WiFi but not GPS.

It's okay as a "starter" tablet, to help you learn what is important to you and what you want next. If spending $200 for that is too much for you, it is not a good buy.


Jun 5, 2011
I bought the T301 at RadioShack for $150 because I knew I was in the market for an eBook reader, and I didn't really want to be tied to either the kindle, nook, or kobo ... so I got two out of three. I can also download software to get library books on mine. I don't plan on reading much outside, so I didn't need the 'paper' screen.

So - I've got a nice eBook reader that also does wifi, some browsing, and youtube.

The biggest hassle for me was getting useful apps on it that actually worked.

For example, TuneIn Radio from Amazon doesn't work. Eventually downloaded SlideMe from another user's site here on the forums and found A Online Radio which lets me play MP3 streams (which is what I really wanted). So now I can listen to some relaxing music while reading.

I was looking forward to getting games on it, but it is obviously underpowered in terms of games that will install and run. No Angry Birds. PacMan - no. I'm still looking for a useful chess game myself.

I've been dissappointed with many apps I find on Amazon - they just don't seem to install. SlideMe has had better success - along with freeware lover's website.

I'm also having issues with getting Amazon's MP3 to download to my SD card instead of trying to cram all the mp3's onto the internal memory. I think I remember a setting somewhere, but I've dug around for hours trying to figure out how to change it, and I can't find it so far. I'm tempted to uninstall.

One final note - although it is nice to have WiFi 802.11N ... this unit performs worse than my netbook that it is replacing (due to theft). I cannot get the same range ... I have to be closer with the T301 to get a connection.
May 28, 2011
Hey there, I've had my Cruz T301 for about three weeks now. here's a list of apps that I've found that work on it.

Apps that Work

FREEdi Youtube Downloader
Pirates & Traders (Game)
VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym
Car Maintenance Reminder Pro
Kobo Reader
Ghost Commander (plus SAMBA PLUG IN) - Great for transferring files via wifi (Just don't expect blazing speeds)
Android Daisy Reader
Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom (game)
AndAPP Store
App2SD (Move apps to SD card)
Apps Installer (Makes easy install of APK files from your PC)
Amazon App Store
Documents to Go
Droid System Suite (Pretty cool system manager, although it crashes some times)
DroidLogViewer (If your a techie, this has some interesting info in it)
Executive Assistant
iheartradio - Great streaming radio app
IMDB - For those movie buffs out there.
Inkpad - Great note app
Jefit Pro - Personal Fitness tracker and workout routine manager.
radioBee - Another Shoutcast streaming client.
ReChat - Multi-Protocol Instant messenger client (Yahoo, AIM, etc)
Scanner Radio - Streaming Police Scanner client (Listen to Fire / EMS / Police and Weather over the net)
Watchdog - CPU / Memory monitor with Alerts and kills.
Wifi Analyzer - Pretty cool tool for locating the best wifi signals.
Fancy Widget
Mobile Grid Client - Second life Chat Client

Apps that do not work or will not install

Terminal Emulator Pro
Aldiko eBook Reader
TuneIn Radio
ezPDF reader
Adobe Reader
Stupid Zombies (Game)
Random Mahjong (Game)

Tips for finding working apps

1. ALWAYS try the free / Trial version before purchasing any app from any store.
2. Read Reviews.
3. If an app fails to run, notify the creators / leave feedback / reviews.
4. If the app runs, leave feedback stating it works on the tablet, help others find working apps!
5. Keep a list of apps that work, and don't work.. and post it somewhere on the net for others to find!
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Jun 21, 2012
I recently purchased a T301 for my grandmother as a simple way for her to browse the internet and check up on facebook and so far it has proved a good device for this purpose. I was thinking of linking my netflix account to it and was wondering if that would work. the no-flash capabilities might limit that ability though.
-thanks in advance


Jun 26, 2012
After seeing this little guy for a $60 price tag, I could not pass it up. At first i was a litlle dissappointed, but after getting the android market installed, I have been very happy with many apps. Google play will let you know if the app is compatible before you download it so it saves you al ot of time. No you do not need to root the tablet to get the market either. My only concern is the lack of responsiveness sometimes and no flash. However for a cheap price its worth it. Hope this helps.