Cruz Tablet


Nov 3, 2010
Couple observations/questions.

The internal memory is only 1 gb, not 4 gb as advertised.

The downloadable "guide" is now avaiable from Velocity Micro.

It auto installs apps to the memory cards it seems.

How much internal space is needed to install Android 2.2?

Anyone know how I should go about attempting to gain root on the Cruz Tablet and update the system?

Overall, it is nice...not as responsive as an iPAD, but it has been fun to play with over the last 1.5 hours. Will mess with it more tomorrow, as I'm exhausted from a long day.



Nov 6, 2010
I posted on another thread:

I got my new Cruz Tablet from Best Buy. I had talked to Velocity and they indicated that Best Buy would likely have it first.

It was in the computer department, whereas the reader was in the MP3 player department. MP3 guys were psyched up about it (Android tablet), computer guys were unaware.

It comes with Borders link, Dr. Eye (dictionary), Office Suite, Astro (file management), eBuddy (txt & messaging), CruzSynch (cloud synch), Browser (starts in anadroid-google), Gallery (for images), PlaysVideo (for supported videos), Cruz Market (with a few free apps, currently), and WiFi settings.

I tried viewing some .wma files, they played for a few seconds, sound desynching from video before freezing. I don't know Android, so am not sure by what mechanism they started. I simply tapped on the SD card file from Astro.

Many phone apps don't work. The webpage and manual discloses that apps won't work if they they rely on functions not in the tablet (camera, 3G/CDMA, etc.)

I haven't given the battery a serious run, but appeared to use about 20% with moderate WiFi and computing use over about 2 hours.

The box speaks about free books from Borders, but the borders app and android web page don't have that, nor do they have access to the multiple free books.

One site indicated that the Adobe reader is needed for their ebooks, but I haven't gotten any ebooks to load or open yet.


Oct 24, 2010
see the vm users manual concerning "epub" maybe this is why no books.. also down load slideme from cnet android downloads then alkido ( cheap books).lideme is like google market place.