Crystalview EP-4/5522 tablet will not boot Android OS 2.2

Dec 1, 2014
Dear Friends,

I left my Crystalview tablet unused for about eight months. Recently, I charged the battery and when I powered up the tablet all I got was the Crystalview boot screen, no Android Robot. I left the tablet on for an hour with the frozen Crystalview screen and nothing happened. The tablet has an actual reset button which I pushed. The tablet powered off and when I powered up the tablet nothing changed, same results, frozen Crystalview screen and no Android robot. I also tried resetting the tablet by holding the POWER and VOLUMN buttons at the same time but that method doesn't appear to work. I was thinking maybe low voltage is causing the tablet to fail so I disconnect the battery and fully charged it with another charger. Same results. The Android OS is 2.2, Kernel 2.6.32 and Build V 1.5.2. Any suggestions?
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