Cube U9GT2

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May 12, 2012
Hi Guys, Can someone help, im quite desperate,

I have just purchased one of these Cube U9GT2 tablets and cannot turn it on, I got it out the box and I have tried to charge from the wall and after a few hours i still cant turn on. I tried via usb and can connect to my computer easily. but this does not charge the unit i have read. I have been able however to open it on the pc everytime, and have put movies and photos on it. When it is connect via usb if i hold down the Power button it disconnects from windows and then recconects 10 seconds hmmm i guess the power button has functionality.

I cannot even update firmware and have tried doing this, but the program used to send the firmware doesnt detect the unit. I have been to about 3 shops for a charger but cannot get the right connection. I bought another power charger but the plug fits in but i think is too small. I know you can get chargers with different connections but none seem to fit snugly in it. theyre too big or small.

What i want to know is

1. Does my unit work and is it capable of turning on? Because It can connect to the pc fine via usb so I would assume it can also turn on.
2. What power adapter do i need to get. Anyone have a link? I cannot find a suitable one here in Spain that has the right connector (end piece) for it. I have no idea what voltage this stupid tablet needs as well. I have gone through 2 chargers now with no success.

Very annoyed but If anyone can help would be fantastic. I dont want to send it back to hong kong just yet.
Not open for further replies.