Curtis Klu LT7035-L


Jul 21, 2013
There are all kinds of threads (in various places, but not this message board) for the Klu 7033, and FIINALLY I found one topic explaining the difference between 7033 and 7033-D, or that "YES IT IS EXTREME" so yes you need way different firmware. But there is NOTHING ANYWHERE about whether the 7033 can be the same as the 7035, nor about what the difference is between the immense amount of letters for the 7033. There is L, D, J, and several others. Curtis has no customer service at all let alone something like this, so I REALLY need to know whether these are the same and/or where to find rooting instructions for the 7035-L, considering I can't use the tablet at all until I find it and I have a game that I will be kicked out of as well as a computer on which I cannot use e-mail without a device. I am not sure why a forum would exist that is divided by the model of semiconductor on the processor which is not about the model of tablet, but I can not even post in such a subforum because there is nothing on the device which says a particular model of semiconducter (nor would I ever expect there to be of course!!!). The only related thing listed is "Rockchip system update," but mo part number or model number listed. So PLEASE help me find rooting guides or at least firmware links for this model, the LT7035-L, or more likely to be found, some info explaining what the difference between the different letters are and whether the 7033 instructions and firmware will work for the 7035 (and the 7035-[?]s) or not.