Jun 16, 2012

Let us get parameter file from Stock rom whoever has it and create CWM for our Rock x tablets ...

Thanks to the below info copied From Longseman in the other Tablet forum;

Christian Troy
has been able to bring CWM to RK3066 devices. I'm laying a How-To here, but I don't guarantee that CWM will work flawlessly or as intended. I just used these steps to install it on my tablet, and they worked,

You need the update.img with the ROM you're using in your tablet, Wendal's tools to unpack RK images, and Christian Troy's CWM build.

1) Unzip the file which contains Wendal's tools.
2) Rename your update.img to wendal.img and move it to the folder where Wendal's tools are.
3) Run Runme.bat
4) Go to the Temp folder and copy the parameter file you have obtained.
5) Unzip the file which contains CWM.
6) Enter the folder which says "rom" and paste the parameter file from your tablet, replacing the one that is there.
7) Run the RKAndroidTool app in the CWM folder.
Connect your tablet in Flashmode: switch it off, and connect it while you hold the VOL+ button. If Windows doesn't find the drivers, they're packaged in the "Drivers" folder of the CWM file.
9) Now the RKAndroidTool should recognize your tablet. Click on "Flash ROM".
10) The tablet will restart in CWM after the flashing. Just poke around for a bit, and if everything's all right, restart the tablet,

Thanks go, of course, to Christian Troy and Wendal. If you can, donate to those guys, they're amazing!