Dell Venue 8 4.2.2 w Netgear PTV300 Issue, Only 480P Streaming


Dec 18, 2013
Posting here because I have not received a reply on the Dell Community Forums.

I recently purchased the Dell Venue 8 with Android 4.2.2. This tablet has a 720P HD Display. This device supports the wireless display through a compatible wireless display dongle w Miracast Support.
I also purchased from the Dell site the Netgear PTV3000, which allows me to mirror the device screen on my TV.
I updated to the latest firmware on the Netgear, and all is good, my TV is getting a full 1080 signal when it is displaying the connection steps / menu from the Netgear PTV3000 , BEFORE the Android screen is mirrored.

My issue is that once I am on my Dell Venue 8 w Android 4.2.2., and I choose to mirror the display, the Dell is only sending over a 480P signal to the TV. The TV says 480p signal, and the video quality is poor.
I don't believe the PTV3000 is downgrading the signal, because as I mentioned before, when viewing the set-up screen on the PTV3000, the TV is getting a 1080 signal.

I know the Netgear supports up to 1080P, as the manual states, and as I can clearly see during the setup, but WHY is the Dell Tablet only sending over a 480P signal?
If I disconnect the Dell display sharing ,and view the menu on the Netgear PTV3000, the resolution goes back to 1080P.


P.S.,I am a very technical user, I've built PC's , I own a Mac, iPhones, used many Android phones for testing at my old job, Fitbit, configured many routers, stream content from Plex Mac app to my Xbox., you get the idea...
Also, I do not have another Android device to test with this Netgear PTV300, but I do think the issue is what the tablet is sending over.

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Nov 8, 2011
I know of no way to make a tablet send higher signal than it sends already. in short it is what it is. either your tablet can't send higher output or your setup can't. I would ask dell support they will give you the correct answer.