Do not buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Jan 20, 2011
They don't tell you this but the Galaxy Tab through TMobile or Sprint does not do Domestic Roaming. I was in Moab Utah and Chinle Arizona and my Tab would not go online at all. T Mobile told me just to go to a hotel with WiFi. Most of the time I camp or at home in Arizona. I would not have bought this Tab if I had known.


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Nov 26, 2010
Have you tried this:

1. From your Home screen Tap the Applications key

2. When the Applications Icons appear Tap the Settings Icon

3. Under Settings a list of Icons with brief wordings appear Tap Wireless and network

4. From the list of available settings that appear Tap Mobile Networks; Set options for roaming, networks,APNs

5. Tap Data Roaming to connect to the Data Service of the network you are roaming on; Choose Yes when the Attention prompt pops up to activate Data Roaming.