Docked TAB – Desktop Display Ideas?


Jul 25, 2011
I bought the official Docking Station, now that it's pretty cheap on ebay. And I now use a smaller and lighter Tab (Google Nexus), but the A500 still works fine. It just stays on its dock. This includes a basic “docked” interface App with remote, but it's nothing special.

I need ideas for turning it into a live desktop, a display that I don't “tap”, so it does its thing with no need for interaction -- with the exception of a music player, perhaps. My first plan was simply to have a desk clock. Now I've decided I want as much useful stuff as possible, filling all that screen area. They can be several different widgets, pay or free is OK, but with as few intrusive ads as possible.

I'm open to suggestions, but here are some ideas:
Live Sports scores (football, baseball, basketball)
News headlines
Music player (for use with the Remote)

Things I do not need on that screen:
Battery charge indicator (the best clock I found has an unfortunately huge numerical charge indicator, of course it stays at 100%)
Interface, menu bars
App icons

I'd like it all to go together well, to look pretty good. So I'm hoping people have this kind of thing set up and can make suggestions.
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Jun 10, 2011
Isn't the docking station an excellent idea???! I've got one and had it for 10 months now.