Does Galaxy Tab output to a monitor?


Dec 4, 2010
I'm an iPhone user who needs a tablet. I resent having to pay for net access three times (home cable, iPhone, Tablet) so although the iPad is attractive to me I'd rather have one device.

So, I am wondering if the Galaxy Tab can be hooked up to my monitor (I have a 30" Samsung 305T plus). I don't just mean to watch video from it, I mean for everything. Can I connect the Galaxy Tab to my monitor and have everything that is on the Tab screen appear on the monitor screen? If that's the case then I could cancel my $25 per month internet cable and just use my PC as a non connected PC as I only really use it for the browsing the web anyway. It would be good to have one device that could be a tablet, home internet device and phone all in one. I live in Seoul so I could use the tab as my phone too as I don't mind the size.


Oct 19, 2010
Out of the box, no it doesn't have that kind of output capability. Although like the Droid X, I'm sure there will eventually be a hack to transform the video out capability to be always on. Even then you'd need a monitor that could take a composite or hdmi input.

Another option would be to just put a wifi adapter in your PC and use the tabs tethering capability to give your PC internet access. This might require rooting depending on the carrier and data plan.

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Jan 28, 2011
Along the same lines as the original question, is there a way to output to a projector? I would like to run PowerPoint presentations from the Tablet. Any devices perhaps Bluetooth that can do this?



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Dec 4, 2010
The non-wifi only versions of the original galaxy tab support both HDMI output (via the multimedia dock accessory) and composite A/V out via an accessory cable that plugs into the tab's dock connector. Both accessories are.Samsung products. Note that DRM protected video clips cannot be passes over either HDMI or the composite video output.

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