Dragon Tablet Y88X - SD Card Not Working


Junior Member
Jan 8, 2017
I bought this tablet for my son for xmass, and it works great except for the SD card slot.

When I put in an SD card regardless of the Size, I have tried a 4,8, and 16 GB card, in the Settings > Storage, it always says the size of the card is 8GB, and below where it showed show the capacity of file type, is always says calculating, and never completes. I have tried reformatting and erasing the cards, and multiple cards that work in other Android devices. I have verified through a file explorer program that I can access the card while it is in the device, and create folders, and moved files around on the card while in the device. Not sure if the is an OS issue or what, any help would be greatly appreciated as our son, has already filled the 8GB internal to capacity and we would like to be able to move apps to the SD card, but this issue does not allow that to happen.

It currently is using Android 5.1.1