Driver Help Please


Apr 27, 2013
Hi everyone. I've been reading and reading the forums here, trying to find help for my ultra generic little tablet. I see several other people have purchased the same tablet, they're flying off the shelves over at ebay, which is where I got mine. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. Here are the specs, again, I've seen others with the same tablet.

It's a Q8 Allwinner A13 Tablet
OS: Android 4.0 (ice Cream Sandwich)
4gb internal memory
7" Capacative Screen
Model Number: SoftwinerEvb
Baseband Version: 1.5,
Kernel version 3.0.8+ Android3@linux #80
Build Number: Nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D20121108

Okay, now with that, I'll tell you I'm completely Tablet STUPID! Ha! I see all these terms of rooting and firmwear and so on and so on and I don't have a clue as to what they mean. What I'm trying to do is to sync or pair my Documents To Go App to my PC. I can't find a driver however to get my PC to recognize this little tablet. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do want to be extra careful here and not mess up this tablet, lol. One wrong install and Im sunk and will be paying more to fix it than I paid for it!! Help anyone?


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum moxie.

I think rather than trying to find some way to sync the way you are trying to do it, you should be looking at some cloud storage like Dropbox. They are also some apps that will actually sync between your PC and your tablet, like SugarSync. You might want to look in settings, developer, and turn on USB debugging to see if your PC will recognize the tablet.