Dropped now it won't charge properly!


Jan 22, 2011
Heya folks. Perhaps someone can help me out or point me to the right thread -my googlefu has failed me. It was plugged in charging and i accidentaly knocked it over. it didn't fall too far still works, but now it won't charge properly. I have to add pressure to the charging Jack to get it to register that it's plugged in and start charging. The jack it self seems ok so i think i bent something on the inside.

I can't seem to find any guides (with pictures if possible) on how to perform surgery on it to reseat the port if that's even possible. I'm somewhat handy with electronic and sodering. Since i'm a virgin with tinkering on this think, i would like to have some sort of handy guide to go through on my first time. I thought i saw one on here once before but i can't seem to find it now.

Or if someone has any other ideas as to what i can do to rectify this situation with out cracking it open. I'm all ears (well eyes)

Also, since i might have to get this open to correct it. i was thinking of reseating the headphone port if possible too. i only get the left channel when i plug my headphones in all the way, but both channels if i only plug them in partially
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Feb 1, 2011
I had to replace the power connector on mine, it was flaky after the power connector got pulled accidentally. It would charge well after that, and after further investigation I found out that the unit wasn't geting enough voltage even though the charge light was on and it indicated it was charging. fixing the power connector (inside the unit) fixed the problem.


Jan 24, 2011
Mine wouldn't charge because the a/c plug adapter (220volt) was loose. I pushed it in firmly and its ok.