E-Pad ZT-180 - SD card issue - Wifi and ops speed


Dec 27, 2010
Hi all,
I bought the E-Pad ZT-180 for my wife as a Christmas present. It has build firmware 1030 from stock.
First of all, I bought it for her to use for facebook IM app and surfing the web.

I am veru dissapointed that the E PAD packaging does not come with a proper manual. THe tiny booklet doesn't really come with any useful directions.

Does any one have a decent manual on this unit?

Some forum threads say that in order to view the SD card , the tablet has to be turned off.
I want to view some jpg images on the tablet, and so far the tablet has not been able to see the uDsk or SD card. I have been into the settings and can not control anything?

I have taken the jpg images out of the folder and copied directly to the SD card and still not recognised ????

I have tried MicroSD, SD and SDHC cards and none of them work.

I am pleased to see that the wifi seems to pick up Wifi points from a 30 metre distance however, my own Wifi access point ( Home BT wifi hub) only 6 metres away, is shown as less than 50% signal strength.
How can I improve the home wifi signal to tablet strength ?????

Lastly, the operation speed of this device is less than acceptable for the money spent on it.
My old Nokia 6210 (1998) mobile can think and process faster than this tablet.
Very very dissapointed to have spent money on this tablet after reading reviews, especially as my wife thinks exactly the same.

web is slow even when having tried it at next door neighbours wifi point. Programmes are slow to react, SD card does not work....

I looked at running processes and was astounded that programmes I was not using were still running. Christ almighty, its difficult enough to work out that the tablet only has a back button ( round home button ) but for the tablet not even to stop the programme is amazing...

Does anyone have any direct manufacturers contact details, for tech support ?
If not, does anyone have direct manufacturers contact details for complaints.

What a B(&^"%DY disappointment in a technology that has been brought out onto the market and surely not good enough to be used by even the most simple things the wife wnats to use it for.

PLEASE PLEASE some one restore my faith in having bought a technology that works and its only a Dud i got and help me with the above issues.

Thank you


Senior Member
Nov 10, 2010
1) to read the sd card download "astro file manager" that works for me
2) to kill off excess apps get "task killer", or "memory booster:
3) you are going to have to do some configuration on the tablet its android
3) you can download an app called "net status" but if you can connect sometimes and not other times could be a firewall issue


Dec 29, 2010
hi happy new year i have this model i dissapointed as well i can not connct to wifi at all but got great signal without the net this tablet is a brick i am new to all this so it might me manual well if u call it a manual not tell me any think


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Nov 10, 2010
what version of rom build are you using at least 20101020(rom 1020 build) that eliminated most wifi issue i ran into
1) can you connect up using the ethernet connection, if you cannot most likely a firewall issue