Editorial: Could Google be Planning to Drop the Nexus Line of Smartphones?


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Jan 5, 2011

Signs within the mobile industry seem to be pointing toward the distinct possibility that Google may abandon their Nexus lineup of smartphones. Here's a quick breakdown of these signs so we can analyze them:
  1. Last year we heard repeated rumors that Google was trying to encourage the various OEMs to all offer Nexus devices.
  2. Google and Samsung announced a new Google Edition pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship device at Google I/O 2013.
  3. Google did NOT announce a new Nexus phone at Google I/O this 2013.
  4. There have been repeated rumors of a Google Edition pure Android HTC One coming to market very soon.
  5. LG indicated they will not be building a Nexus 5 device, and there has been no indication that anyone else is either.
Obviously, we can't immediately jump to the conclusion that this means Google will drop the Nexus line. This could mean several things. Perhaps they simply haven't yet decided which OEM to go with for the next Nexus phone. Or, maybe they plan on bringing out a Motorola Nexus device.

Still, deductive reasoning suggests the possibility is there for Google to begin phasing out the Nexus smartphone. If they can convince the OEMs to produce their own Nexus-style phones, then why would Google even need the Nexus lineup at all? Android has already been jump-started to such a massive degree that it now has 75% of the world mobile market. Perhaps this was Google's plan from the beginning, and they are simply nearing the point in which they phase out the Nexus example. What do you guys think? If true, is this a good thing or a disappointing thing?


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Jan 6, 2011
Good points. If they convince OEMs to go with at lest one pure Android model then they don't really need a Nexus. The Nexus line has jump started the idea that vanilla Android can do well on its own and that people actually want a pure experience so in that regard it has accomplished its mission. It has also opened people up to the idea of unlocked phones and knocked the importance of carrier exclusives down a peg.

I would guess that if Google manages to change over to the term "pure Android device" with its partners then then path will be clear to introduce a Motorola line of Nexus devices if they want.