eGlide Pro II XL Build Quality and Shock Test


Apr 1, 2011
I have had this tablet for a short while now and just wanted to comment on the build quality. Personally I have been very impressed with the feel and build quality of the tablet and would like to emphasize that I think the fit and finish is first rate. This tablet is quite a bit heavy, but it is a 10" tablet and it is not too unweildly. Personally I love the screen size for reading books and surfing the web far better than the wife's 8" Vizio tablet.

Now for the shock test.....On the way in from work this morning, my tablet slipped out of the generic 10" tablet case I purchased and fell three feet onto my wooden deck with a hard thump!! The tablet impacted right on the corner of the end, then fell on the face and slid about two feet accross the surface of the deck. To say I was not happy was an understatement, however when I picked up the tablet and examined it there was not a scratch on it. So far so good, the real test was would it power on or did I scramble the mother board and the screen. Setting it on the counter of the kitchen I touched the power button and it came on without a hitch.

I realize I only paid $159 for this tablet but I did not really want to have to replace it so soon. I know this is not a 'high-end' tablet but I must say so far my expectations have been way exceeded and I am continued to be impressed by this device. I guess only time will tell if it lives up to it's initial impressions. Thus ends my unintended build quality and shock test report for this eMatic tablet. :cool:

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Jul 16, 2011

I did the 'drop test' yesterday... twice. :rolleyes:

Good to know that these tablets (of both sizes) are passing their 'Durability' tests! :p