Elocity A7 weather widget


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Sep 26, 2010
#1- Where can I obtain a free weather widget for my grandson's Elocity A7 2.2? One that would show on the Home screen and would be simple and easy to download/install and wouldn't require us to "sign-in" to some site, etc. Isn't there just some place where I could download/install such a widget?
I tried to download/install a few weather widgers, but they asked me to sign-in (to Google, or some other site), which I didn't do because we do not have sign-in info.

(I am a novice; so please explain in simple terms that even I could understand.)

#2- Is there any way to have a large digital clock on the Home/Main screen (or would that be included with a weather widget)?

Thanks for any help.

#3- P.S. He has Getjar on the A7, but it doesn't seem to connect to the the Getjar main page when we click on the icon. Says something about incorrect address. Don't know how I can install the correct URL for Getjar so we don't keep getting that "incorrect page" when we click on the Getjar icon.
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