Elonex ETouch Won't Download


Oct 21, 2012
hi every1 i have a elonex etouch 10" and it wont let me download any apps and i have to keep reseting it its a pain
does anyone know how to stop the freezing and allow me to download stuf
please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. when it freezes i cant do anything it wont turn off or i wont let me go on the internet i have to leave it to run out of battery before i can do anything!
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Oct 15, 2012
Lauren, I did a quick Google search for "elonex etouch 10" freeze reset", and found this on the elonex website (1012ET V2 eTouch Support)

Resetting your eTouch & Freezing

If you experience any issues with your eTouch such as the screen freezes or the eTouch becomes sluggish this is most likely caused by too many applications being opened. Android never shuts down apps so every time you open an app it keeps adding to the system resources used. Its recommended that you periodically shut down apps using the "ES Task Manager" app.
If you have more persistent issues you can reset the unit by pressing the reset button (on the bottom edge of the eTouch). These will shutdown the system and close the apps you have open. If you continue to have issues please contact our support helpdesk on 0871 222 3456 (mon-fri, national rate) who will be able to analyse the issue further.