Ematic Eglide 7" With Rooted ROM


Aug 22, 2011
Hi I have flashed my eglide with SunGirls rooted rom.

I was wondering if there is a rom out there or a .apk that can emulate flash or even java. I have tried Jbed 1.20 android 2.1 java emulator.apk. but with no luck it will not install from sd card or from internal memory. I managed to get a flash 10.1 emu installed but it ill not work on any site that has flash. I have tried the froyo beta roms but they seem half assed with a few things working nut flash/jave still do not work.

I have searched the web for every thing I can find including these forums and there is little no no info. The eglide was a gift and I love it. If there a way to install a rom of android 2.3 or 2.2 from another device with similar specs?

Sorry I am a complete noob and willing learn all there is. Thanks in advance for any help or criticism


Aug 16, 2011
Hi Smoky_129, I bought the same tablet, i'm wondering if it's possible to install a new ROM (2.3) into it. Do you know if that's possible?
Jul 6, 2012
For anyone who was looking for a perfect rooted rom for the Ematic Eglide, here it is. Everything Works, even Wifi and Google play. It's all thanks to a programmer who goes by the user name of Finless or Bob once you get to know him. It seems he is able to create custom roms for any tablet. If you need help with your tablet, try to look him up.

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