Entering the Android World with Zeki TBQG774B

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Junior Member
Apr 20, 2015
First time poster here...I received a Zeki TBQG774B as a Christmas gift and was excited that I was entering the Android world, given I have been a Windows user for many years. Unfortunately my first experience with the tablet wasn't that grandiose. I can't recall how many times I had to do a factory reset (yea, Windows user for maybe a little too long!?!?!?), but eventually started getting used to how Android worked.

So anyway I an doing a review of the tablet. I think the biggest problem I encountered is the lack of space to download some apps. Part of this I blame Google for putting a lot of apps on the device I don't use, but giving me no opportunity to remove them...at best I can disable them. But after the device updated all the apps to the latest version, I had like 300MB of space left. Only a few apps I could download and I started to run into memory problems...and more importantly, performance problems.

I purchased a 32GB micro SD card thinking that would help. Nope. Didn't seem to help because of how memory management was handled by Android.

The big break came when I came across an app, Link2SD, which finally did allow me to use that 32GB card to store programs in. (I formatted it with 8GB as FAT for the first partition, and I can't recall if it was ext2 or ext4, which was about 21GB, for the second partition.) That made a huge difference in my ability to load apps. Recently I purchased the Plus version of Link2SD which allowed more content to be moved over. And surprisingly the tablet is performing much better. (BTW, I tried things like modifying the vold file, but had too many problems with that...)

Only one annoyance with Link2SD, or maybe the tablet itself...not sure which...if I turn it on and let it go to sleep, as soon as I wake it up it *might* freeze...I get a BSOD (in this case, Black Screen Of Death), and then have to simply reboot.

Except for when I first turn it on and it finds apps that it needs to update, once that is over with, the performance of the tablet is pretty good. Gameplay is pretty smooth, given it has a quad processor. The image on the screen is also very good as well. I enjoy the feature to record an e-mail via voice so I don't have to tap dance excessively over the screen...my fingers need a break!

Only disadvantage (and it looks like all but one model of Zeki tablets suffers this shortcoming)...a single camera that faces you and not the other way. You can't aim the tablet to take pictures other than selfies. But it does work well with Skype.

This is my first tablet and I do know there are some better ones out there, but this has been a good tablet to learn about Android from. Still lots more to explore, and that's what I am off to do now...


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Jan 22, 2017
I have one of these tablets too. In fact, I am on my third one because the first 2 failed within days of receiving. My third one came direct from the manufacturer; the first 2 came from an online retailer. But I have the same storage problems. I can't figure out how to partition the 32 gb SD card, like Koss did. I guess I need a step by step walk-thru to set up the tablet to get it running as successfully as Koss's. Anyone out there that can help?