Epad 7" Tablet Data transfer


Jun 11, 2010
I find that the easiest way to transfer files to my device is to use the ES File Explorer application and access my computer network shares directly from the device.

Another option is to use a micro-SD card -- use a USB reader on your computer to copy the files to the microSD card -- when you are done copying the files to the microSD, just plug the microSD into your device.

If it's a small file, sometimes I'll just e-mail myself the file as an attachment then download the file from my email directly on the device.


Aug 11, 2010
I have bought the same one (think so) and I have several questions... Can I upgrade to OS 2.1 or higher? How do I start/begin or access to the android market, googletalk n other more... is asking me to link-up my google account which I do have but it seems this tablet acts like it was a phone?!?!?! please help me thanks!


Dec 5, 2010
According to blogs/forums about the device (even questions and answers from the maker) NO, no updating the firmware/OS. It is a nice idea but the cost/value of these is not that of a Kindle from Amazon..that has been hacked by now and people are peeling back the linux in the kindle. The android market in mine never downloaded a thing. Many times I try.. For apps, I use something called AkA which is a sharing app that lets one user (you) share something will all (me) and it looks/acts like android market, you find an app, click download, there it is. I think the way I loaded my AkA was blog/forum/blog/forum some more. Ad the "repositori" in the settings (control panel).. I wouldn't bet too much on the phone part. It was made for the more expensive and larger tablets. Mine has android 1.4 I think..I've added 20-30 apps and have a great time. I love the OS..the same as my TMo MyTouch cell phone.