Epub Mobi Files won't show up on Msd card


Mar 16, 2012
Hi folks, stuck on trying to to load ebooks on my Acer A500 but no luck. I put my Mobi and Epub files on my micro sd card and none of the files show with any of the readers. I tried FB reader. JJ comics Reader. My standard reader that came with the Acer A500 and some other reader I can't remember the name. I know the Micro SD works fine because it see's the movies I have on it. I created a new folder 'Books' and nothing. I uploaded the files to my hubs E-reader and they work just fine, so its not the files. I am a lost newb. Please any ideas would be appreciated. I researched online before coming here to pose the question but no help. My acer is not rooted either. Thanks guys.......
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Nov 15, 2011
I noticed the same thing with Aldiko, don't know if there is a solution other than moving the files to the internal storage.


Jul 30, 2011
I do not think FB reader can take you to external sd.
If you have a file manager you can go to external sd and find the file, click on it and FB reader is one choice to open it.
I like FB Reader but I also like Moon and Read.
In Moon and Read you can go to external sd and find it.
It will also go to usb storage.
With Moon and read you can flip pages or scroll without changing settings.
You can also highlight text.
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