ES File Manager - cant see all files on PC


Apr 22, 2011
Hi all, noob to android, and noob to my nook color (but damn well love it!)

Have a question, have installed ES File Manager, and set it all up correctly (ie I can see my PC's file structure etc)

I have complete access to my shared folders on my network, but most folders and files for my movies and music arent showing. The main folder I'm sharing (eg Music) is there, but the subfolders are missing. Likewise for the 'Video' folder.

I have seen this similar issue with my PS3. If i just try to browse my networked drive on the PS3, it doesnt see the folders that contain files the PS3 cant natively play. (however I use PS3mediaserver & totally solves the problem.)

though my current problem, I would have thought this wouldnt be similar as the ES file manager, well, manages the files, and you have to be able to see them to copy/move them etc

I also find that after a small amount of time using the ES File Manager app, I then have trouble accessing folders (get a warning that folder cant be accessed), but if I back out of the app and go back in, it works again until the error appears again.

any ideas? I've googled and cant find a similar prob.

thanks in advance

edit for solution......well I feel like a complete idiot.....I needed to make an exception in my firewall to all for 'wireless devices to access'.......did that and walaa!! it works.
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