Failed to Dump after Root MID7042


Aug 4, 2013
I have a MID7042-4. It was purchased last year (2012). I followed the instructions found here:
and here:

Everything was successful as far as I know, until I attempted to dump the files using the rootrestore utility. The first time I tried it produced a 'dump' folder, but it was empty. I tried again and it said 'dump' already exists, so it wouldn't continue. I deleted the empty dump folder and tried again. Once again, it produced an empty 'dump' folder. I'd like to have my own dumped files for future recovery...unless any of the dumps that are already here are identical.

EDIT: Looks like Root was unsuccessful. I am a noob with these things, but I'm not an idiot and I followed the process. Utterly confused why it isn't working at this point. Guess I will read the relevant threads for the 5th time and try again.
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