Fast battery consumption :(


Feb 13, 2013
Hello people.. I am having problems with my nook color again ... I have paranoid android 2.99 (using android 4.1.2) and in the first time after I have installed the rom my battery was draining an acceptable percent of 3-4% per day (24 hours-idle mode). After I have played with it a bit and install some applications and games, the battery loses 12% per day :( I would like to know what background application drains the most of the battery.. Is there a way to check this ? I want to uninstall it immediately. I have tried Cpu Spy as I read on other discussions, but it is irrelevant to my needs.
Thank you


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
Try OS monitor. Look closely at all your active widgets as being a problem. There are more reasons that I can count for excessive battery use but it's all relative. Some people would kill for 12% a day. It all depends on how you use it.