Fat Finger Syndrome (FFS) - There is hope


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Aug 6, 2010
Have you tapped and instead of start viewing that latest Manga, you instead start some other app. Do not feel alone. It is not that screen protector you applied. It is not the fact you bought the cheapest Android Tablet on E-Bay (Well Maybe it is) No, You may have FFS.

Everyday hundreds to thousands of users gnash their teeth and scream in frustration. FFS (Fat Finger Syndrome) affects the IPhone and Android tablet user alike. They blame the device. They blame the Software. Sometimes called "Stubby Fingers". It is like Lisa Simpson who will never become a Blues Saxophonist ``My God, they <are> stubby...'' So it is the case to those of us who have FFS. Hello I am gurgle and I have FFS.

But, there is hope and solutions for the Android Tablet user. Actually this works for anyone who has a resistive or capacitative touch surface. It's called a stylus. Sure, you can grow and turn a fingernail on each hand into a sharpened point. It's just not the same. Fingernails grow and can chip.

Don't be afraid, A Stylus is not the pocket protector for the Tablet user. It can be a tool of action, a weapon to fend off bullies, a muse to help you think as you chew on it. It can be all these things and more. Don't be pushed around any longer by those who can tap and touch at amazing speed. Pull out your stylus and show them you can keep up with the best of them.

Be one of the proud, the fearless, a stylus user. This has been brought to you courtesy of the Fat Finger Society. (All rights pending) :D


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Jul 9, 2010
Sometimes I wish my capacitive touch screen would take a stylus. Too bad they don't play nice.

I've been in love with the stylus from the day I got my Palm Tungsten T3. It was truly a beautiful relationship.


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Aug 4, 2010
Well I use my finger to touch on the touchscreen on Gentouch 78. I use to use that stylus pen on my old Palm V (won that from Yankee Candle contest) and Texas Instrument AVIGO both use that plastic stylus pen.


Aug 16, 2010
There are all sorts of "fingertip" styli (plural of stylus?) out there. My favorite is one that looks like a condom with a BB in the bottom of the tip. Works great and if you put two or more on (your fingers) you can get a pretty good drum beat going on the edge of the desk. I can't seem to find them where I live now so I am stuck with the plastic ones that "strap" across the finger and comes in all sorts of ugly bright colors.


Sep 21, 2010
My haipad m701 works very good with a stylus, also with the new firmware it works great with fingers as well, but a stylus is more accurat.
I know it is told more on the forum, callibration of your tablet gets better when you do this with a stylus!!!! ;-)