Firefox 4 Mobile Direct Download


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Oct 5, 2010
Mozilla just officially released the mobile version of Firefox 4 for Android. It is available in Market, but many of us likely will not even be able to FIND it and even if you do it might smack you in the face with a "not compatible with your device" notice. If you don't have access to Market on your device (and Mozilla really shouldn't assume every Android device does) you can get the US and International APK directly at:

Index of /pub/

Be forewarned, though, that it is a fairly big download (~12MB) and installation may still fail because it has some pretty big system requirements:

* Android 2.0 or higher (sorry 1.6 folks)
* ARMv7 (Cortex) processor or better
* 17MB internal or SD storage
* 512MB RAM recommended but apparently not required

For the record, it will NOT install on a Haipad M701-R because of those requirements. A while back I did get an early beta build to install and it was terrible. More recent beta, release candidate, and final release won't even install.

Perhaps someone who knows more about this than I do can grab the Fennec source code and build it for older devices? I noticed in the build instructions this line:
# Uncomment to run on ARMv5 or ARMv6 devices, including the emulator.
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