[Firmware] Debian v0.3 for Flytouch SD bootable.


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Aug 4, 2010

Hi all, this time i bring you debian os ready to use on flytouch just copying it to a SD card, so if you dont like just remove the memory, reboot and go back to your android unharm.

Enjoy, experiment, make it better, share and let me know how it goes.
Cheers to all!!!!!

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This version is a mod from the eken m001 debian v0.3, lets get into bussines:

What works?

- Wifi works 100% all you have to do is run the built in config utility.
- Touchpad it has some flaws, is better if you copy your touchcal config from android to the etc folder on ext2 partition. The axyses are fixed so it doesn't do the mirror thingy that was so annoying anymore. And the responsiveness well i find it better than the android one.
- Loads with 256MB ram.
- Autologin as root, so you don't need a keyboard to run the system.
- Everything else that you expect from a debian Arm device.

What doesn't work?

- Hardware buttons has no function.
- Accelerometer.

How do i install it?

First of all, i guess this is a 100% no risk installation. Since it runs directly from the sd card and it does not need to be installed in nand, leaving your filesystem intact.
For a great installation guide follow this link to the ekens forum and follow the instructions described in step 2: Debian on Eken install quidlines for Windows users.

NOTE: The first time you start your device it will run fsck and after that will shut down, dont get alarmed, once the device is down you only have to turn it on again and it will work. And always remember to shut it down properly going to terminal and entering "reboot" or else fs will get screwed and you will have to run fsck on a linux machine over ext2 partition of the SD card to fix it.
notice that some 1gb sd cards are in fact 960mb large so they dont support the full copy of the image in them, leading the firmware to crash on load. (Yes is the experience talking, i was melting my brains with this untill i had the idea to flash a 4gb SD before it works... silly me).

How does it look?

Here's some screens of my flytouch with matchbox desktop manager running with debian (no video this time until i get my english better or leave college to get some more extra time, whatever happens the first):



Problems Booting

Bounty Working Debian Touchscreen driver


Jan 18, 2011
How do I "burn" this image to the sd card?

Update: Never mind I got it all figured out days ago :)


Apr 27, 2011
im downloading now, lets see if it works... i'll keep you updated!

update: wait im using 265MB SD card... oh well lets try!
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Jan 31, 2011

How did you get the .img to burn to the sd? I'm using linux and tried the dd command from a terminal. Looks like I ended up with a 900+ meg file system. Install the tf back in the flytouch II and rebooted. But, I got nothing.

Is there something I am missing to make the Flytouch boot of the sd card ?



Apr 15, 2011
OK, I give up...I also tried to burn the image using dd and using winhex. Pad will not boot from the SD card.
Jan 31, 2011

i'm with you. this if my first attempt to boot from a sd card and I have had NO LUCK at all. I was thinking I was doing something wrong.

Tipstir, is there something we might be missing?

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Aug 17, 2011
Hi everybody.
And thank you Tipstir for you tuto..!
But... I have a problem. I did everything as said, my SD Card is ok, debian inside, but I'm unable to boot from the SD on my Flytouch 3 !!
Did I miss something ?
Thank for answering.