First Time Use- Can You "Prime" The Battery?

Jan 13, 2015
a quick hello to all the people who answered my question about a "good buy". my polaroid-android P709x is still in the box. bear in mind i have been shoveling a lot of snow the past weeks. oh, and the water line in the bathroom has frozen and sprung a leak, what tools will i need?
anyway i talked to a friend about it. she said that with this and other devices i should charge it fully, then let it go until it is almost out, then charge it full again. i should do this about 3 times, and it will teach something called the "mat-sensor" how to charge properly.
how accurate is this? i don't know what sort of battery it has, not listed on the box. instructions don't seem to mention anything. should i call up customer support? btw, i turned it on just to see what happens. it came with a 100% charge. does that tell you anything?
thank you, BA


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
The battery that comes in virtually all devices is a lithium ion type. Lithium ion batteries are extensively tested at the factory prior to being sent to you to ensure they work correctly. In fact, lithium ion batteries are shipped with a charge in them of anywhere from 40 to 70%, as a totally drained lithium ion battery becomes unstable. Your device is designed to shut off the device well before the battery becomes totally drained, not only to protect the battery, but you.

What your friend was telling you may have held true for batteries using older battery chemistry, e.g. nickel cadmium or nickel metal-hydride, but isn't true for lithium ion. Unbox your device, charge it up to 100%, and go.