Five things that make me cringe and prove I am on the bleeding edge and YOU are too


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Aug 6, 2010
1. Horrible Manuals and Tech Support in general. From all I have read and researched, This reminds me of the early days of PCs and the Internet. Peer support and other's experiences are your best source for questions to be answered. This will change as the technology improves and the "Big Players" invest in the Android Tablet. This will be sooner than you think.

2. Half baked firmware: Cupcake is NOT Froyo so get over it. But it is the Firmware which can make or break the Android OS. Cupcake is 1.5 and Donut is 1.6. These are the majority (Almost all) versions of Android used on tablets. Froyo is the latest 2.2 version. Every one of us would like the features of Froyo, but unless your tablet is capable of the firmware update, then be happy with what you have and learn from it. Firmware is what takes the OS and makes your tablet all sparkly and even more feature friendly. The prior statement is simplified to the n00bs and the innocent. Two simple examples are how the SD card on my unit says it was unexpectedly removed each time it comes out of Hibernation. This should not happen. The Other is how the gravity sensor or wireless will stop functioning and require reboot for reset to access again. I am sure there are those who can speak volumes

3. You get what you pay for: Do not expect your $110US to be a speedster with headers. The newer chips such as the A8 and such are worth the money. But these will be closer to an IPad in cost.

4. The app base is not there yet: Android is a sub-set of Linux and realy in the scheme quite young. Apple has been about since the 80s and IPhone is nothing but an improved IPad Touch with IPhone capabilities. If you review the ITunes store, there is so much repetition of similar apps. The same is true for Android and Market or the direct options. This is not a bad thing, but there is not the maturity the IPad/IPhone had as a headstart.

5. Hardware Quality Control is uneven: The APad issue described by Xaueious with the batch problems is just one example. There are numerous generics which are alike but different. The units are being built in commodity build mode. So some units by one manufacturing brand may be great, but another "identical" unit by the same brand is has major issues. This is no different than the early days of PCs. Reference again #3 again before complaining.

I know it will improve, but those who expect immediate stability should buy one of the "big name" units such as the Dell Streak, Archos 7 or the others just coming out.

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