fix samsung tab 3


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Aug 2, 2016
after reseting and rooting, i have problem with my tablet. It makes me crazy! i can't download or install any apps as usual. maybe, it is because of google play and i try to download a new one to replace but it seems impossible. Then i found another way. I download apk files to install apps indirectly but when running these files, it is announced that they may harm to system. Now, I am in trouble with them. please help me! my tablet is samsung tab 3. thanks for any suggestion!


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Aug 3, 2016
Don't worry! i understand your situation. you can download apk files for pc and then install apps for your phone. This is an indirect way for install but it is not harmful to your phone. you can donwload apk files at site follow these steps:

1. download apk files at that site as many as you wish.

2. debug your androi device with pc and transfer these files.

3. accept to run and install these apps.

Don't worry if it announces these files can harm to the system. i download Standoff Multiplayer successfully and it runs well! good luck!
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