Flash working ZIIO 10?


May 6, 2011
Hi there,
I have purchased a ZIIO instead of an ipad for the sole reason that it supports flash and my daughter can use it to play online games and watch stuff off a site she likes...

I can not for the life of me get flash player to work? I downloaded flash player lite.. it does nothing...

Where can I get the APK from? I would like a direct link if possible!

Its driving me insane.



Nov 13, 2011
it is not working, it says it is not prasing, or sth and installation is cancelled. can i get some idea to install flash player in creative ziio 10


Oct 27, 2011
Flash will work fine, but since you can't get it installed you may have previous installations on your tablet interfereing.

So, go to settings, manage applications, and then after you tell it to allow installation from unknown sources (or something like that) go to all the apps and make sure you touch on "all" apps and then look for flash and do a force stop if necessary, then do a clear data and clear cache if necessary, and then do a reboot of your tablet.
Once your tablet is rebooted you should be able to install the 10.2.15??? version of flash and it will work.

But, in your browser I think you will still need to set your user agent to Desktop and have plugins always installed.

Flash is an application to play a type of video file which is automatically downloaded and streamed in it's own little sandbox on your computer or tablet. The best advice when using it is be PATIENT. It will take time to download and buffer and play. Also, after the video starts you may want to change the settings to 288 as the default is a stretch for the speed of our tablets.