Fox Digital & Angry Mob Games Bringing Alien vs. Predator: Evolution Game to Android


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Jan 5, 2011

For fans of the Alien vs. Predator franchise, you might be excited to hear that a new game in that universe will be coming to your mobile device soon. Fox Digital and Angry Mob Games will be bringing a game called AVP: Evolution to Android and iOS. No specifics were given as to when they game will arrive, but a teaser video was included. Here's a quote with a brief synopsis of the game,

The game is centered around a story where Super Predators have enslaved Aliens to help them hunt down and kill Jungle Hunters (the traditional predators). You choose between playing an alien or predator. Interestingly enough you either start as a young blood predator or a facehugger alien.

As the game progresses, you level up and grow through the various stages of your chosen race’s life. Ultimately your story is to either survive against the Super Predators as a Jungle Hunter, or exact revenge on them as an Alien.

While the story doesn’t seem to focus on humans, oddly they appear in the trailer so they must also take some part in the game as well.

Disclaimer: The game looks pretty violent so you might keep that in mind.

Source: AndroidAuthority
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