Galaxy note 8 as car tablet


May 19, 2013
i got a free note 8 when i got my galaxy S4 from AT&T. i just had to add 10 dollars extra for the 4G LTE. i barely do anything with it, so i decided to integrate it into my DeLorean. I have some questions though

is it possible to get a fuel gauge widget? i've been looking for one, but all of them are for the battery. the fuel gauge is broken on my car.

is it possible to program the tablet to turn on when i turn on the car, and likewise, turn off the tablet when i turn off the car? basically, the tablet only turns on when there is power flowing through the data port.

i have already paired my galaxy s4 to the note 8 via bluetooth. would it be possible to take the call through the tablet via bluetooth? i also plan on attaching a noise cancelling microphone into the car.

also, any useful in-car apps that i should download?