Galaxy Tab S Takes The Big Dive


Aug 27, 2011
Over the past three days, I have been reflecting on my overall, tech experience that began somewhere around 1984. Since then, I've been pretty much an early adopter of a host of technologies, brands and operating systems. It occurs to me that my luck has been remarkable. I've never had a device just totally fail on me for no reason...until this week. It began when my S4 phone's SD card (Samsung brand) took a dive...that's never happened to me before.

Then, on Tuesday, just two days before the busiest shopping season of the year is to begin, my Tab S 10.5 decided to die. I had it plugged in to charge but it was on and I was streaming Pandora. That's it. About 2 hours into this, the tablet decided to reboot but froze at the splash screen. When I realized the music had stopped and saw the screen, I wasn't even able to reboot it, the tablet was frozen. So, I removed that SD card and, cursing the technology gods, went for the factory reset (Volume up, Power button and Home button). Nothing happened. Multiple tries of this and nothing happened. I could not believe it. I began to Google the issue. Suddenly, I notice that the tablet had rebooted and was now offering to perform a Factory Reset. I selected that option and expected to begin the process of getting things back to where I wanted them but that was not to be the case. The tablet is totally shot, it continuously reboots and reboots and reboots...until the battery dies!

Today, I took the tablet to the Sammy rep at Best Buy (I so hate black friday crowds) hoping for mercy and them issuing a new tablet. Sadly, that didn't happen as I bought it on release day back in June so, they are sending it in for repair. Predicted return in December 15.

I am not finding much on this, is this a known issue?