General procedure to flash roms on your device.


Feb 4, 2011
Dear all,
I'm trying to upgrade my device to Android 2.2
I could find both the file both the file
for my device (fake names, to keep the discussion at the most general level).
Any attempt I've made to flash them on it failed though.

As far as I have understood I need to have Rom Manager and Clockwork Mode Recovery installed.
I then need to flash the recovery img file so that is correctly recognized by Clockwork
and can reboot the tablet into recovery mode.

In theory (but I never got to this stage) when the recovery mode is enabled
I should have an option to apply the update.

This seems quite a general way to upgrade an Android device.

Could someone write a step by step guide that explains how to make Clockwork
Recovey recognize the file and how to flash the update?
Possibly could you explain how to do this using only adb ?

When such a guide is ready and tested it might also be made sticky so that everyone can find
it at first glance.

Thanks a lot in advance,
Cheers, -Luca