Gentouch78 with FULL SD and 3.5mm audio jack.


Aug 17, 2010
Hello everyone,

I modified my tablet with 3.5 mm audio and with full SD card socket (push-push).

If you ask why I did this, it’s simple… I travel, and all my digital cameras are with full SD cards.

If anybody finds, this subject interesting I will be more than happy to provide with some info and schematics.

It took me about 2 days to find and install the proper parts (I used an SD card socket from a PALM Phone).

I tried a 32 GB (class 4 SD) and seem to work fine; I don’t know why the tablet reports that the card is 30 GB only…

Another issue that I need your advice is referring to the way that Gentouch78 is “preparing the SD card “when is inserted.

As I specify above the purpose of this was to be able to view my photos and videos from my cameras to a larger screen, when I’m away from PC.

For a reason that I don’t understand if I switch the SD card between Gentouch 78 and my Sanyo Xacty camcorder, the card is unreadable.

If I let the tablet to format the card, it will work just fine, but the camera won’t see it, …and vice versa. If I format the card in the camera, the tablet wont see it and reported as an Damaged Card.

I tried this with another camera HERO HD PRO, and I don’t have that problem.

I appreciate if any of you have some thoughts in this.

If in the near future this great community behind Gentouch78 will find a way to connect either an USB Flash DISK or and portable HDD …this Tablet will become a great gadget…

Or maybe it’s my dream,... or I’m too cheap….to get an Ipad….and get directions from Steve Jobs…

Best Regards….


Jul 29, 2010
There was a post about flashing the Gentouch with the European Smart Surffer firmware to get the usb hosting working in order to use the flash drive but it didn't work for me. As far as the SD card, try using a 2 GB or smaller card. If you used the socket for the Palm phone it might not have been an SDHC complient socket. I have no problem using my micro-sdhc card in an adapter and putting it into my camera. There is a slight pin out difference for SDHC I think.


Aug 17, 2010
How did you do the headphone jack?

I took and headphone jack from a laptop, with 6 pins.
The augen headphone jack is using 5 pins. (2 with switch for each channel and 1 ground).

Physically my laptop jack is double wide as augen one, but the same length, and I placed it on an angle, with the center of the headphone axis similar with center of the 2.5 mm jack.
I this mode I was able to install the back cover in the same manner and with a slightly larger diameter the previous hole for the headphone jack fitted the new one.

The larges size headphone jack would not allow me to solder in place and I used instead LOCTITE Glue (HOME DEPOT).

Connecting the wires was a trial and error operation, I modified and mp3 file to play on left channel and on right channel, to ensure that the channels are in proper setup.

I used a 5 wire cable band from an IDE HDD.

I hope this helps…..