Getting Impatient - Taking Galaxy for a Spin


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Dec 4, 2010
As a relative early adopter (picked up my S7 in mid-November), getting a little impatient with Huawei and Best Buy's lack of movement on accessories (especially a dock) despite the subsequent release of several variants around the globe and the lack of confirmation of a Froyo update since the tab's release nearly six months ago. Have therefore decided to bite on a Sprint branded Galaxy Tab with 2.2 that was priced to move on ebay (including several accessories such as a multimedia dock). I'm not losing the S7 - love it but don't really want to mess around too much with the mods required to bring apps2SD and custom menu functionality to the tab - but most of all wanted to be able to connect the tab to an HDTV to view files on a bigger screen. I still see several advantages of the Huawei vs. the Galaxy - besides the obvious price advantage and out-of-the-box voice capabilities, the S7 has 8GB of internal mem vs. the Sprint version's 2GB (T-Mob & ATT versions have 16GB internal) and it looks like the Galaxy charges through its docking port using a proprietary plug (could be wrong). Will report back with any other first hand observations. One of these (the Galaxy or the S7) will likely end up in the hands of my folks so they can more readily communicate with us and share multimedia clips of the grandkids.

Despite the looming tablet explosion, decided to pull the trigger on the Galaxy now because I like the form factor (vs. 10" tabs) based on my S7 experience and it looks like the most anticipated release in this year of the tablet, the Motorola Xoom, appears to be poised to stumble out of the gate with an awful marketing blunder by tying the release to Verizon (no wifi only option - you must buy at least one month of service) and an awful price point at about $800 with no cheaper alternative configurations. And this on the eve of the Ipad2 release. I anticipate a bloodbath unless Motorola and Verizon wake up and smell the coffee.

But seriously, Huawei and BB also need to step it up. They have a good product (as evidenced by what's been documented on this forum in addition to the positive customer reviews posted on the BB site) but are missing out on a golden opportunity by not capitalizing on this success with follow up updates, variants with upgraded features, and accessories.

Anyone else getting a little frustrated with the deafening silence? Let's hear you vent or flame away...


Jan 5, 2011
im enjoying my s7 as is, accessories will come i hope in due time, if not im still happy heheh


Feb 14, 2011
i know how you feel. I bought mine thinking it was gonna be great which i do love it it does most of what i want but with a 3rd party screen protector being the only acessorcery available and no info from the manufacturer im about to sell it and buy an ipad out of spite. I wish that huawei would at least say were trying to make your tablet work like it should and offer you the dock we teased you with or say we dont care either would be better than will have 2.2 Between feb and mar but what should you expect from a company that cant give you more than 10 pages of nothing for a owners manual

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Jan 31, 2011
With the announcement of the S7 slim and Pro yesterday, I'll be SHOCKED if we ever see any official accessories for our soon-to-be obsolete (my prediction) S7s. I sure hope we can get Andriod 2.2 (officially or hacked) out before the platform is abandoned. I'm very afraid that one quarter of weakly-supported sales from exclusive carrier Best Buy (speaking of US market) means the community is too small be self-sustaining or to make a good economic case for support.
It's still a lot of hardware for my $250, but I fear the peak for this device is very near, and it will not be nearly as high as I hoped it would be. :(