Giani Digital - Mipal II Tablet Android 2.2


Dec 3, 2011
Hey All,

I'm new to Android so I dont have a clue but I've been trying to download apps on the new Tablet but get the error "There are no android phones associated with this account.” I've tried googling for a fix but None of them work as they all seem to be fixes for phones or Tablets with market place installed already, This tablet doesnt have market place but something called "Sam 4.0" that has a list of Apps but not a good as the android market place to my understanding.

Does anyone one have one of these tablets? and Know how I can get market place to work, I've also Tried to log on with an account thats already a device attached to it but even that didnt work!

Many Thanks for any help and solutions in advance!!

Hope you all having a good weekend too!!:)


Dec 28, 2011
Go to your browser type android market.
On this page should be a link to download the market.
It should work. And download. Its better with a gmail acount as it all syncs up to work better