Google is About to Change the Way Ads are Displayed on Their Search Pages [Rumor]


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Jan 5, 2011

According to the latest rumint, Google is getting ready to make a huge change in the way it displays advertisements on the search results page. The current method includes one or two ads at the top of the page, and several additional ads in the sidebar on the right. Supposedly, the new change will actually show 4 ads at the top and an even larger compliment of ads in the sidebar on the right. You can see an example of the final change in the screen-cap above.

The obvious effect this will have for some users is that they will have to scroll down farther to actually see their own search results. We can imagine this will not be a well received change, although advertisers will likely be happier about it. What do you folks think?


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Apr 3, 2014
I think people could stand either more links on the top or bigger ads at the right (I personally would rather bigger ads at the right) but not both. I think google is taking for granted their consumers and it's gonna cost them on the long run.


Jul 29, 2015
Looks good but i still probably go to the link result rather that on the sidebar cause i can read some description an see the sites under. I didn't notice this update is it already running or just rumored?