Google Locked Out Of A Previously Owned Tablet


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Aug 22, 2017
I recently purchased a tablet from eBay have a pre-existing Google account. I can not gain access as the message says that after the system reset, I need to enter the login data from the previous account. Visited Youtube for a solution and the processes did not work.

Not being able to access the tablet I am sending it back. Wanted to avoid this if possible. Here are the methods I've used:
  • Reset the tablet by pressing the on and up volume keys, and reset the OS by selecting to delete all data and factory reset
  • Did the above then disconnected the Internet connection from the tablet from the router just after the connection was made and it stated - Updating. While this seemed to work. I then re-connected the router/modem and then continued. I was able to enter my name, pass, then it took me back to the sign in screen
I do not like when a company can have such control over devices powered by an open source OS like Android. The Remix OS version has worked around this restriction.

OS: Marshmallow version 6
Device: Pro 12 CT9223W97 Tablet/laptop
Manufacturer: Pro12 | Pro12 Android 2-in-1 tablet (absolutely no support)
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Jun 16, 2012
I'm going to repeat portions of a couple posts I made recently on XDA regarding Factory Reset Protection.

"The 'issue' with FRP is a simple one. It requires knowing the last Google account used and its password. This affects two different groups of people: those with 'burner' accounts, and resellers.

In the case of the burner accounts people create a Google account with a password and don't bother to remember it because they don't want to give any information to Google. Then when they have to reset their devices for whatever reason FRP kicks in and they're screwed. Since they don't know the Google account or password they can't get back into the device.

The resellers purchase used devices and try to move them. However the person selling the device often does not clear out the account information from the device or does not remove the device from their account. When the device is sold the new owner attempts to enter their information and gets tripped up by FRP as they don't have the last Google account and its password.

'Burner' accounts are a pathway to disaster. Resellers are a bit more careful, and instances of FRP on a used device from a reseller have gone down."

"This [FRP] is Google complying with California's kill switch law that went into effect two years ago. Since people travel in and out of California all the time and it's nearly impossible to target devices with 'California-only' firmware Google implemented FRP worldwide. The entire idea of FRP is to make the phone impossible to use if it is stolen."

I understand how you feel regarding Factory Reset Protection. It is a bummer to buy a device and not be able to use it. However sales of used devices are collateral damage in Google's efforts to combat theft, efforts that as a California-based company they are required to take.

Return the device. It almost certainly has a sufficiently current security patch that bypassing FRP is totally impossible short of using an Octopus box and attendant software.


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Aug 22, 2017
Thank you brother for this information and taking the time to explain more in detail of FRP. I am returning the tablet back to the merchant. The product was described as nearly new - open box - having discovered that the, so called, open box, was previously registered. The eBay merchant replied that the unit had checked out but sometimes, she noticed, that units checking out good, later had switched to FRP - do not understand that.

I am not going to down rate this merchant for this inconvenience, however I did mention that in the future she needs to check these units out if she is concerned about her eBay rating status.