Google Nexus Q Media Streaming Device Debuts at Google I/O 2012


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Jan 5, 2011

Google just announced at their Google I/O 2012 Developer conference a brand new and intriguing product called the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q is a “social streaming media player” that can stream entertainment from Google Play and YouTube to different electronics throughout your home. It is also fully controllable from your Android tablet or phone. In fact, one of it's most intriguing features is that it streams everything directly from the Google Play cloud. Because of this, your friends can come over to your home and easily and instantly sync up to your media hub to stream their content from their cloud to share. The device even uses the same OMAP 6640 processor that's in the Galaxy Nexus. Additionally, it looks like it is designed to become the hub for a digital Google @ Home (formerly Android @ Home).

The device will start shipping in mid-July for $299.99. Check out the video above.

Source: via Google Play Store - Google Nexus Q
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