Google to Appoint Dennis Woodside as Motorola Mobility CEO replacing Jha


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Mar 16, 2011


A new face for Motorola but not for Google. Bloomberg News reported today that Google will announce Dennis Woodside as the new CEO of Motorola Mobility replacing Sanjay Jha .

Previous rumors had suggested that Google would appoint Nikesh Arora to run Motorola after their acquisition deal closed. In that scenario Woodside would have taken Arora’s job, but it appears that he somehow leapfrogged him.

Woodside has been at Google since 2003, according to his LinkedIn profile, and has held a variety of positions. He has held the roles Director of Business Operations, Managing Director of Emerging Markets, Managing Director and VP of Google UK, President of Google Americas, and Senior Vice President of Google.

Google agreed to acquire the hardware-manufacturing arm of Motorola for about $12.5 billion last year. The United States and European Union gave regulatory approval for the deal earlier this month, but China has yet to sign on.

Source: Bloomberg and LinkedIn